Our team is committed and dedicated to what we do at the Selective Mutism Research Institute. Our staff is the foundation of this institute and are passionate about understanding those with Selective Mutism and discovering more about the disorder itself.

Many of our Research Assistants are graduate students at La Salle University. We are so grateful to have this connection to such a wonderful institution and we thank them for their continued support and enthusiasm.

Dr. Elisa Shipon Blum
Dr. Elisa Shipon BlumDirector
Rosemarie Manfredi, Psy.D.
Rosemarie Manfredi, Psy.D.Director of Clinical Research
Sharon Armstrong, Ph.D.
Sharon Armstrong, Ph.D. Associated Researcher
Evelyn Klein, Ph.D
Evelyn Klein, Ph.DAssociated Researcher
Sophie Blum, B.A.
Sophie Blum, B.A.Research Assistant
Lauren Steinbeck, M.A.
Lauren Steinbeck, M.A.Research Assistant
Leah Bowden B.A.
Leah Bowden B.A.Research Assistant
Katerina Michaels, B.A.
Katerina Michaels, B.A.Research Assistant