Today, we’re back with the SMart Center. This time, in Newark, NJ for another stop on their “Selective Mutism ‘In the School’ Conference” tour.


At this point in the school year, most school staff and families, have noticed if a child in the classroom is having trouble communicating with others. It is very natural for most children to be more reserved and “shy” at the beginning of the school year. But, by December most children have had ample time to warm-up and are speaking. For children with Selective Mutism (SM), this is not the case. For those with SM, that reserved, nervous demeanor continues.

Therefore, this tends to be a popular time to attend a conference about how to deal with SM in the school environment. From SMRI’s perspective, this increase in attendees gives us that many more people to spread our recent discoveries to. The more someone understands Selective Mutism, the better they will be able to treat it and cure it!

Today, we presented 4 of our most recent published posters. Back in October, we presented the same 4 posters for another SMart Center conference:

  1. Sensory Processing Patterns in Selective Mutism Using the Sensory Profile
  2. Perceptions are important! Caregivers’ perceptions of their own and their schools’ views about Selective Mutism
  3. The “QUAD”: Eating, Sleeping, Toileting and Difficult Behaviors in Children With Selective Mutism
  4. A large sample study of co-morbidities in childhood Selective Mutism

*For more information on these poster presentations, click here.*


Another exciting part of this conference, specifically, was our first public announcement of CommuniCampSM and CommuniGroupSM!

These are two brand new group treatment programs that SMRI is co-sponsoring with the SMart Center. These new programs will incorporate the evidence-based S-CAT® strategies into a group environment, a therapy option that is very unique! SMRI will be doing research on these programs to assess the efficacy of the S-CAT® strategies in this new, group format. We are so excited to be a part of these amazing new programs! Allowing those affected with SM to work with others that are struggling as well will give them a very special treatment opportunity.

You can learn all about the specifics of each of these programs on the SMart Center website.

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