We were able to present 4 posters from our most recent data at this conference!

It was a full house at the Selective Mutism ‘In the School’ Conference, put on by the SMart Center.
The research done at SMRI is in collaboration with the SMart Center, using data from the 1000’s of children that have received assessment and treatment for SM there.

It is always so great to be able to share our work with a community of those affected by SM.

The 4 posters that we presented:

  1. Perceptions are important! Caregivers’ perceptions of their own and their schools’ views about Selective Mutism


    Thank you Maura!

  2. The “QUAD”: Eating, Sleeping, Toileting and Difficult Behaviors in Children With Selective Mutism

  3. A large sample study of comorbidities in childhood Selective Mutism

  4. Sensory Processing Patterns in Selective Mutism Using the Sensory Profile


    Lauren, research assistant, answering questions

    **You can view all of the full poster images on our Presentations page. Click Here.**