Through professional presentations, dissemination of research, training programs (for parents and professionals), educational workshops, and public outreach, SMRI promotes the awareness and treatment of Selective Mutism as a social communication anxiety disorder.

SMRI seeks to expand training programs and educational workshops among professionals (pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, therapists, institution-based researchers, etc.) to help further their knowledge in understanding and assessing Selective Mutism and related disorders. SMRI also aims to increase the number of treatment professionals who are trained in the world-renowned and evidence-based S-CAT® approach to the treatment of Selective Mutism. Additionally, SMRI emphasizes the importance of educating and training of parents and families to implement at home and in the real-world and for school staff to develop the proper interventions/accommodations for students (IEPs/504s) to progress communicatively in the classroom environment.

Help us fund training programs for professionals with your contribution!

How often do we hear…

“He’s just shy. He’ll grow out of it soon…” “I think your daughter has Selective Mutism but I’m not sure how to treat it…” “Johnny is refusing to speak and we can’t assess his learning.” “Erica is being completely defiant and won’t speak to us. We need to put her on medication for her behavior…”

In a world where evidence-based treatment and training programs are readily accessible to every individual affected by Selective Mutism, the misguided statements above would not be delivered to families in need of help by doctors, the education system, and other treatment professionals.

Contributions made to SMRI will stimulate and sponsor much needed scientific and clinical research in Selective Mutism and to provide financial support to advance training, education, and research into the understanding, early diagnosis, and treatment of Selective Mutism.

Specifically, funding will be used:

  • to fund training & professional development programs for teachers, parents, and clinicians (and more!), educational books & workshops, and public outreach missions
  • to give more families “Mr. B Scholarship Awards” which provides financial assistance for S-CAT® treatment programs such as CommuniCamp™.
  • for pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and institution-based researchers to study various aspects of SM that are currently misunderstood due to lack of published data.
  • to hire research staff,  including  statisticians,  to continue gathering data, statistically analyze all data, and write research papers for publication.
  • to seek out relevant research being conducted by other institutions and will support this work through collaboration and recruitment of participants.

For every contribution made to SMRI, the founder has agreed to match up to $10,000.00 each month—whether a one-time donation or recurring monthly contributions!

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